Fishing Tips For Beginners, 4 Top Fishing Things To Know

Fishing Tips For Beginners, 4 Top Fishing Things To Know

In this fishing tips for beginners article, I am sharing 4 top fishing things to know. Especially when you are a beginner and learning the rope to becoming a fisherman. The basics and safety you must also know before going on any fishing trip.

Fishing tips for beginners and where you should start for the best results in catching your first fish.

In no particular order, here are the top 4 Fishing tips for beginners.

  • Fishing should always start with a fisherman friend.
  • Basic fishing equipment for beginners is all that’s needed.
  • Fresh bait
  • Fishing Licence

So, what’s the first thing to look at when you start fishing. Is it the bait, the equipment needed. Nope, the very first thing has to be your fishing licence. Reason why, well if you need one and don’t have it, you can face a heavy fine up to £2,500. It’s also, against the law to fish without a licence if you need one.

So, it also comes down to your age to weather you have to buy one.

Starting with children under the age 13, you do not need a licence. However For children age 13 to 16 need a fishing licence and they are FREE. You’ll need to get a junior licence.

Here is also, an image of the fishing licence pricing chart for you to check out. Also, you can go to this link if you need to buy or get your fishing licence.

Fishing tips for beginners

Basic fishing equipment for beginners

So, when you first start fishing you will need some basics fishing equipment to go with on your first fishing trip. Here below I’ll list a few of the basic items you’ll need.

  • A rod or pole.
  • Reel and line.
  • Tackle box and end tackle, i.e. hooks, floats, plummet, split-shot, disgorger, feeders.
  • Chair or Seat-box (Bed-chair if carp fishing).
  • Landing Net.
  • Unhooking matt (mostly used in carp fishing).
  • Fresh Bait, bread, maggots, boilies, pellets, sweetcorn, worms, caster, luncheon meat, paste, etc…
  • Some lunch and drinks.
  • Your Licence – You’ll also need to buy a day ticket at the lake or fishery when you get there.
  • A fisherman friend….

Fishing with a fisherman friend

So, not only for safety reason, it’s always good to go fishing with a friend or family member. Along with that person you go with being a fisherman, because they can also, help you learn the basics. Things like, setting up your rod and reel, pole lines, along with how to cast and play a fish once you hook your first.

I personally have been taking my dad fishing in the last couple years, as I am teaching him how to fish. His favourite fishing right now is feeder fishing. He has also, tried carp fishing a few times, but don’t seem to get on with it. As some times it can be a bit of a waiting game for them carp to move in and catch.

You could also, try looking around in your local area for a fishing club. You’ll be able to get lots of help and some clubs also have fishing lesson. Where you’ll be able to go along and fish for the day and learn all the basic of setting up, casting, baiting up your hooks and swim…

Number one rule of fishing is – Fresh Bait.

Here are a few baits, I have listed and use a lot myself.

The list – bread, maggots, boilies, pellets, sweetcorn, worms, caster, luncheon meat, paste, cat meat, Hemp and particles, pop-up boilies, Ground-bait, Chick-peas, Dog biscuits, foam, tiger nuts (must be pre-paired correctly or they can cause harm to the fish), etc…

Here’s a great way to pre-pair your tiger nuts.

Coarse fishing tackle for beginners

It’s a big world out there when it comes to picking and get the right fishing tackle and equipment.

I am still to this very day, like a kid in a candy shop every time I walk into a fishing tackle shop.

Learning everything you can about what tackle bits does what, and where along with how to use it. Looking over you-tube video can help you a lot. Also, reading lots of fishing books and magazines will help you learn more and more in time.

I have been fishing from the age of 5 and am now 46. I still read fishing magazines and books as there is always more to know and learn in fishing. Tackle and techniques are always changing and new things and items come out all the time.

Fishing rods for beginners

The fishing rod, is one of the most important part to your fishing. Weather you are looking to go carp fishing, feeder fishing, float fishing, pole or even fly fishing. There is a rod for all, and you’ve got to have the right one for the job.

This is where more and more reading and learning come in. Cause the more you learn the better you get at picking the right fishing equipment for the right type of fish. Here is another article I wrote on the basics to Carp fishing rods you may like to check it out to.

Summary and Verdict of Fishing tips for beginners.

I hope today’s article has helped you out a little, and you can now go out and learn more for the type of fishing you are looking at starting. We also, have some great fishing items and tackle in the shop. More and more products will also be added to the shop as they come in to stock.

Thanks for visiting us at today, it’s great to have you join us. Please book mark this page and return soon for more products and updates.

Best Simon.

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    Informative! I usually use worms for bait, can you suggest some good gears too for fishing?

    1. Simon Newcombe

      Hey Corey, love fishing with worms myself. It’s to say what fishing gear to get as I don’t know the type of fishing you are doing. If you can reply with the type of fishing I can advise futher.. Hope that help for now.. Best Simon.

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