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Preston Innovations Monster X Carp Feeder, these are some of the best feeder rod on the market today. Nice powerful through action and just a joy to handle, when play your next Monster…



MONSTER X  CARP FEEDER, Was A brand-new model for 2019.

The Monster X 9ft Carp Feeder is the perfect rod for short cast of around 30m making it ideal for casting to the far bank of canal style venues.

This rod features a seamless through action making it ideal for targeting hard fighting carp on tactics such as the method and pellet feeder.

Supplied with 3 tips 0.75oz, 1oz, 1.5oz
Length – 9ft / 2.7m
Transport length – 139cm
Weight – 166g Sections – 2 + Quivertip
Handle Length – 53cm
Casting Weight – 30g
Line rating – 4-8lb

The Monster X 10ft Carp Feeder is a very versatile rod perfect for those short intimate casts on snake lakes or those slightly longer casts to islands of around 30-35m.

As with all the Monster X range this rod has an extremely forgiving through action but it also incorporates plenty of power in the bottom half of the rod to aid with casting and fish playing action.

This a fantastic rod for those situations when a slightly longer cast is needed of around 35-40m thanks to the added power in the bottom half of the rod.

The Monster  is also an extremely versatile rod although it is predominantly designed for commercial carp fishing the action of this rod enables it to be used for fishing for smaller species of fish such as Bream and Roach.

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